The Four Seasons

Dallas, Texas

I would estimate that we save 30-35% on our detergent and chemical costs when we use soft water. The laundry looks better and lasts longer. I have been in discussions where industry people say soft water can extend the life of our linens by 40%. I think these numbers are realistic based on our experience.

Gerald Gleckman

Laundry Engineer


Four Seasons had a softener but it was not a quality system. It had numerous valves that didn’t seem to have a real function, and they frequently got stuck. The system was obsolete. Gerald felt it was time to replace it. Four Seasons had to frequently descale the boiler – six 5-gallon buckets at a time. They had a 2″ copper line that had been reduced to an internal diameter of only 1/2” due to scaling.


A new water softening system was installed for the laundry, which has totally eliminated hard water. After putting in a softener, Four Seasons has only a half bucket of scale in their boiler vs. six 5-gallon buckets they had previously. Now they have a clean, 2 inch line, again. Their water heaters recover more quickly and have reduced scale build-up. They used to use a pallet of salt per week and now they use a pallet of salt per month. 


The system is easy to maintain. The clientele of this facility are paying top dollar and expect nothing but the best, and Culligan’s water softening system helps Four Seasons maintain their level of outstanding customer experience.0

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