Custom Solutions from Culligan to Lower PFAS Levels, Water Treatment Options Available

Until the turn of the century, PFAS, which are man-made compounds, were commonly used in the production of items for both industry and individual consumers.

Because of this, PFAS pollutants were let into the environment and contaminated sources of drinking water, predominantly in areas surrounding manufacturing plants.

Drinking water containing these chemicals may cause health-related problems, such as:

Growth effects

Immune system issues

Malignant tumors

Thyroid irregularity

Liver impairment

Pregnant women and babies are especially vulnerable to the health effects associated with this issue.
The EPA has established a benchmark of 70 parts per trillion for PFAS in potable water, but this is only a recommended value and not a legally mandated one. This implies that water suppliers do not have to assess for PFAS and many do not do so.

PFAS solution

Customized solutions from Culligan can help to reduce the hazardous PFAS levels. These water treatment strategies for PFAS include:

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