High iron water

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Iron can find its way into our water supply from various sources. These include the soil surrounding private wells, pipe corrosion, and naturally occurring interactions with other elements in the water. There are different forms of iron-related issues, and identifying the specific problem is crucial for effective treatment.

If your tap water looks clear initially, but changes color to red or brown when left standing, it indicates the presence of ferrous iron, also known as “clear-water” iron. On the other hand, if your water appears red or yellow as soon as it is drawn, you have ferric iron, also known as “red-water” iron. Organic iron typically exhibits a yellow or brown hue, though it can also be colorless.

Common Issues caused by high iron in your water includes

Stains on your sinks and tubs that appear red-brown

Rust colored stains and residue on your laundry

Metallic tasting water that may be yellow, orange, red, or brown colored

Foods prepared in water such as tea or potatoes turning black

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