Donating & Participating in the Community

Monetary Contributions to Local Celebrations

Culligan of Salt Lake City, Ogden and Orem appreciates the significance of the local community and the influence businesses can have on individuals and organizations. We take pride in being a sponsor of numerous area nonprofit organizations and are delighted to provide our services for a great purpose.

At Culligan, we take our responsibility to the communities we serve seriously. Our mission is to offer high quality water products that make a difference in people’s lives, and as such, we are often asked to make donations for community events. As we get many requests, we set up certain guidelines to ensure we can assist as many organizations as we can.


Written applications must be filled out on our donation request form in order to process a donation request. Unfortunately, we cannot accept requests via telephone. (NOTE: Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests we receive, we can’t guarantee that submitting a request will result in a donation.)


Not-for-profit organizations, including schools and churches, must be able to provide proof of a tax exemption number or 501c3.


To make sure that Culligan can help the most amount of organizations, only one request per calendar year will be granted to each organization.


We are unable to accept requests for monetary donations.

If your request meets each of the guidelines above and is approved, we will contact you at the email/phone number you’ve provided. Best wishes for a successful event!

It is no secret that technology has revolutionized the way we do business. From streamlined communication to increased efficiency in the workplace, modern tech has made doing business simpler and more efficient. Companies now have access to a range of tools that allow them to automate processes, streamline communications, and increase efficiency. As a result, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the improved productivity that technology brings.

The impact of the internet on communication and society is immense. It has created a global network that has allowed for people to connect and interact with each other in ways that were not possible before. People can now communicate quickly and easily with people from all around the world, allowing for the spread of ideas and information at a rate that has never been seen before. The internet has revolutionized how people communicate with one another and has changed the way many societies interact.

Provided that your application fulfills the criteria outlined above and it is approved, we will reach out to you with the contact information you have submitted. Wishing you a successful event!

Request for Contributions
Culligan of Salt Lake City

Sponsorships from Non-Profit Organizations

Culligan Salt Lake City bestows cases of water to the South Salt Lake Police Athletic/Activities League (P.A.L.) boxing invitational on an annual basis. P.A.L. is an organization that works toward forming relationships between the city’s youth/community and law enforcement officers to promote positive development.

“RUN FOR HER LIFE” – Susan Sandoval’s “RUN FOR HER LIFE” is a yearly occurrence taking place in September, during Gynecologic Cancer Awareness month. All donations gathered are given to the Ovarian Cancer Research, Education and Awareness fund located within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Utah. Since the event’s founding in 2007, Culligan Salt Lake City has been a prominent sponsor, as well as a supportive community partner, donating cases of water to the annual Ovarian Cancer walk/run.

At the annual motorcycle ride organized by Wrights Motorcycle Parts, Culligan Salt Lake City provided cases of water with great generosity. The proceedings from the event were given to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Salt Lake City.

Culligan Salt Lake City contributes its private label water annually to the Moran Eye Center Night for Sight, a social gathering that helps to raise funds for the Moran Eye Center’s outreach initiatives to combat blindness in Utah and other parts of the world.

The Neighborhood House – This establishment offers quality and budget-friendly day care services and assistance to both children and adults, depending on their financial status. Culligan Salt Lake City is a generous contributor to the annual fundraiser that takes place at the Neighborhood House.

Arthritis Foundation Utah Chapter – Annually, the Arthritis Foundation in Utah organizes a walk for the purpose of collecting donations for arthritis research and increasing public knowledge about the illness. Culligan Salt Lake City contributes water to this yearly event.

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