Camille Beckman

Eagle, Idaho


This company was started by Camille Beckman in 1986. With all of their experience, They knew upon moving into their new facility that they would need water treatment. Getting a high-purity system in place was a preventive measure to keep their products at the level of quality that their customers have come to expect.


There were two possible sources of water for the Camille Beckman manufacturing facility: city water and an artesian well on their property. The city water is extremely hard, so they use the well water, which is 4 grains of hardness. The products that Camille Beckman manufactures moisturize and soften the skin, so even 4 grains of hardness is too hard for these types of products. If the water is substandard, not only might the products be less effective, but the impurities in the water might have a negative interaction with other ingredients in the products.


When they contacted Culligan, they were impressed by the knowledge and consultative style of the representative. Mr. Roghani and Paul Beckman, another Camille Beckman principal, collaborated with Culligan to develop a water softening system that would supply them with the high quality water they needed.

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